We don’t believe in hard selling. We’re here to encourage you to take small steps at a time because we want you to succeed and to not feel daunted from the very start.

Before you do your first juice cleanse we recommend that you start by introducing some of our cold pressed juices into your daily diet to enjoy alongside your food. A green juice in the morning before you have breakfast is a fantastic start to the day.

Once your body is used to cold pressed juices, try a 1 day juice cleanse. Then perhaps try a 1 day juice cleanse every week for 1 month. Soon you’ll be familiar with it and it will become your friend. Mentally, it’s truly the best way to begin. We want to work with you and for you to enjoy the process. It’s not about deprivation and punishment but a successful juice cleanse takes work and commitment and shouldn’t be jumped into lightly.

No two people have the same cleansing experience. We all have different chemistry and mindsets. Juice cleansing is not for everyone.

Some people feel weak, others invigorated. Some people feel hungry and have cravings whilst others forget about food and enjoy feeling light and their new found soaring energy levels.

As you gain experience and confidence, try longer cleanses. We’ll be with you every step of the way.

The answer really depends on how you feel, what your diet and lifestyle is like and your whole attitude to cleansing.

If this is your first time, 3 days is really good to begin with. It’s enough time to notice the wonderful results but the finish line isn’t too dauntingly far away.

If 3 days daunts you at first, try a 1 day – it’s a great introduction and an incredibly short term goal. It’s too short to see great results but it’s still a wonderful boost for your body and will hopefully be the start of a wonderful cleansing journey for you.

Duration of cleanse = 1 Day – Frequency of cleanse = Weekly
Duration of cleanse = 3 Days – Frequency of cleanse = Monthly
Duration of cleanse = 5 Days – Frequency of cleanse = Quarterly

Although January is our ‘New Year’s Resolution’ time, when we try to commit to starting healthier living habits, the Spring is our body’s natural ‘detox’ season. Cleansing throughout the year however, is fantastic maintenance.

Children shouldn’t cleanse whilst still growing but including cold pressed organic juice in their healthy diet is a perfect way to ensure they’re receiving wonderful nutrients which will benefit them, both now and long term.

Yes that’s absolutely right, it does to a certain degree. How well it detoxes itself depends on the following:

  • how well your digestive system is working to absorb nutrients and eliminate waste
  • how efficiently your organs of detoxification are working – liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin
  • how large your toxic load is
  • your diet and lifestyle

Click here to watch our video by leading naturopath and master herbalist Philip Weeks.

Toxins begin to be released almost immediately via urine and bowel movements but toxin elimination will peak during day 3. This also equates to feeling the worst on day 3 but having passed it, you will feel euphoria as the bad side effects are left behind and the great results begin to kick in when you’ll enjoy all the wonderful benefits of a juice cleanse.

Yes, yes, yes! We can’t stress enough how important it is to prepare your body for a juice cleanse. Gently ease yourself in and out of the cleanse by eating lots of raw fruit and vegetables and drinking lots of pure water whilst decreasing and eventually avoiding alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, red meat, salad dressings and white bread and generally any processed foods for a few days before and a few days after the cleanse to get the best results, to minimise side effects and to avoid shocking your body.

Truly – no big farewell to solid foods the evening before your cleanse begins with a takeaway and bottle of wine – you will definitely NOT feel good by the end of the first day of your cleanse and that’s a promise!

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Likewise, don’t have a celebratory banquet full of unhealthy food at the end of your juice cleanse. You will undo all of the great work that you’ve just done and your body won’t thank you for it. Gently ease yourself out of the cleanse. A juice cleanse should not be seen as a quick fix but as a springboard to better eating habits.

A juice cleanse is NOT a weight loss programme…..but it’s definitely a look good and feel good programme. It’s natural that a slight weight loss will occur, especially at the beginning of the juice cleanse but this weight will likely return as soon as normal eating patterns have resumed. Juice cleanses are however, a great kick start to a healthy regime for both mind and body and are perfect to use as a springboard to better eating habits.

No solids are consumed during a juice cleanse. One of the main objectives of the cleanse is to give the digestive system a rest…with only juices to process it really doesn’t have to work very hard. This gives your body time and energy to concentrate on other things.

When we feel under the weather, often we lose our appetite. This is because our body is focussing its energy on where it’s needed most, which is not digestion. We are simply replicating this voluntarily. We are channelling our energy into detoxifying and healing instead of digesting.

However, in some circumstances, particularly if continuing to work throughout your juice cleanse, some clients find it too difficult to eat absolutely nothing and they supplement with raw fruit and vegetables or a simple supper with a small piece of protein (fish or chicken, the size of a pack of cards) with a large salad.

If you’re determined to fast but just want something small to see you through, eat ½ an avocado mid-afternoon, sprinkled with cold pressed olive oil or hemp oil and a sprinkling of lemon juice. Avocados are very easy to digest and release energy slowly, not to mention being full of wonderful nutrients.

Once eating solids again, eat slowly and chew thoroughly.

Organic fruit and vegetable juices are also a fantastic nutritional tonic. You’ll receive a concentration of nutrients that are impossible to consume in any one day from eating solids alone. Whilst you may not feel like a full cleanse, cold pressed juices will nourish you at this time.

Whilst cleansing, avoid doing anything strenuous and practice only gentle exercise such as walking, swimming or yoga. Exercise is still important through the juice cleanse as it helps the elimination process by discharging toxins from the lungs via breath and through the skin via perspiration whilst increasing blood circulation.

If you feel weak or light headed at any point and don’t have the opportunity to rest, do not drive or operate machinery. Try a pinch of sea salt in water which restores energy quickly.

The short answer to this is that there can be. As a general rule, the more toxic you are, the more dependent on caffeine and the less you prepare in advance, the harsher your side effects will be but these can be minimised with our help and your cooperation.

During the first day of the cleanse you may experience the odd sensation which is not entirely pleasurable such as a mild headache (particularly if you are used to drinking caffeine), perspiration, bloating and/or flatulence, catarrh, diarrhoea, bad bread, a furry tongue or you may feel irritable or tired. This is perfectly normal and all of these are positive signs as they mean that cleansing has begun. The body discharges poisons in any way it can and whilst they’re en route to their exit, you can feel a little downtrodden.

If you’re not sure about your side effects and if they don’t sound typical of what to expect, stop juice cleansing immediately and see your GP.

We highly recommend, when cleansing or even introducing cold pressed juice into your diet for the first time, to stay home. If not used to it, cold pressed juice can have a speedy laxative affect until your body adjusts to receiving such a super nutritious cocktail.

We also recommend that you take it easy during your juice cleanse. Cleanse at a time when your diary is free of engagements so that you can rest and even take naps if you feel like it. Book in some pamper sessions too.

From those who have fully prepared beforehand by taking our advice and co-operating, the feedback is incredibly positive. High energy, clarity of mind, better, deeper sleep, clear eyes, glowing skin and better digestion. Lots of compliments from friends!

Some people really miss chewing, which is psychological.

Those who rush into, or out of a juice cleanse and ignore our advice often suffer.

Be warned. Cleansing without preparation can do more harm than good – it’s too much of a shock for the body to cope with so suddenly.


Early each morning of your juice cleanse, you will receive a chilled insulated box containing 4 x 450ml bottles of freshly cold pressed, 100% raw fruit and vegetable juice combinations, 1 x 450ml bottle of nut milk and a small jar of our cleanse elixir. The juices should be kept refrigerated between 1 and 5 degrees and drank cold or at room temperature, whichever is your preference. DO NOT HEAT the raw juices. Do not add ice to the juices.

The 6 drinks provided are coded with a number and should be drank in numerical order throughout the day. Don’t drink the juices quickly – sip them and ‘chew’ them to encourage saliva production which will aid digestion.

The juices should be supplemented with pure water and herbal teas. Avoid drinking any other liquid immediately before or after drinking a juice (this simply speeds up the journey of the juices through your body and dilutes your stomach acid which will interfere with digestion).

Not at all. We vary most of the juices and nut milks every day and our customers love the variety! We vary the juices not only to give you a few surprises and keep things interesting but to give a wider range of nutrients too. “Less is more” doesn’t apply in this instance – variety is important.


Conventional produce ie fruit and vegetables which is not organic, is often grown with the use of artificial fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides which many fruit and vegetables absorb and store, mainly in their skin – particularly root vegetables. The purpose of cleansing is to remove toxins from the body, not to add more.

Also important to us is that organic means higher levels of nutrients, avoiding GMO and kindness to our environment and our wildlife.

No, our juice is never preserved. We don’t believe in selling juice which is older than its natural life.

HPP stands for High Pressure Processing or Pascalisation. The process involves plastic bottles of juice put into a water chamber and being subjected to high pressure, as the name suggests. The process kills food spoilage bacteria but in fact kills the good bacteria too which is essential to our good health.

The Healthy Juice Company’s juice is not treated or altered in any way. It’s as nature intended.

Our organic juices are made from fruit and vegetables renowned for their cleansing, restorative and highly nutritious properties and together they offer the complete cleansing package. They aid the natural toxin elimination process whilst providing support and a super nutritional boost to your system. Some ingredients, such as milk thistle, support your liver whilst others such as pineapple are full of digestive enzymes.

It doesn’t get any better than using produce from our own country when it is at its seasonal best. It will be the freshest produce, having travelled very few miles with minimum storage time, if any. Fresher produce = higher nutritional content.

Organic cold pressed juice provides the best possible nourishment. Cold pressing fruits and vegetables makes the nutrients bio available and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream within 15 minutes of drinking.

Whilst cold pressed organic juice is a powerhouse of nutrition and provides far more nutrients than you could ever receive by eating solids, a juice cleanse is purely short term.

The insoluble fibre in solid food is crucial to our diet. We avoid insoluble fibre on our juice cleanses to give your digestive system a short term rest to allow it to attend to other essential processes in the body, previously it didn’t have the energy for.

Whilst you should never attempt to live on juice alone, including organic cold pressed juice as part of a healthy daily regime will ensure that you’re providing your body with wonderfully beneficial nutrients it may not otherwise receive.

Wheatgrass juice should be gluten free but caution should be taken by gluten allergy sufferers.

It is the grain which contains gluten – both the growing grain from which the wheatgrass grows and the mature grain on the adult plant.

The grass is cut long before the mature grain is formed. However, the growing grain can potentially contaminate the juice if even just 1 grain accidentally falls into the juicing machine.

Although at The Healthy Juice Company we’re so careful not to allow cross contamination, it can’t be 100% guaranteed that our juices which contain wheatgrass are gluten free.

Although wheatgrass does not affect wheat allergy sufferers, please be aware that it does come from the wheat plant.

Yes absolutely. Our juice is highly perishable because it’s completely natural and hasn’t been tampered with in any way in order to preserve it. Your juice will be delivered in an eco friendly insulated box which will retain the temperature until you open it. Once opened it is essential to refrigerate your juice immediately at the ultimate temperature of between 1 and 5 degrees.

Do not sit the unopened box on a floor which is heated or leave it in a very warm room.

Not at all, this is a completely beautiful and natural thing for cold pressed juice to do when left undisturbed and it’s a really positive sign as it means that no nasty artificial stabilisers have been added to it. Don’t settle for a juice that hasn’t settled! Simply tilt a few times or shake gently before drinking.

Definitely not. Freezing will compromise the quality of our juice and the texture will change once defrosted.

Also, our glass bottles will not tolerate freezing – they will shatter.

Completely! Mother nature, when left to her own devices, doesn’t produce anything identical. Fruits and vegetables vary according to how much sunlight they’ve enjoyed, how much rain, the growing temperature, the minerals in the soil, how ripe the produce is when picked and so on. Although we work with tried and tested recipes, we have living, constantly changing produce to work with. We never use concentrates or extracts in place of the real thing. Every batch of juice is tasted every day. Your juice will still be delicious even if a little different to the last batch. Embrace it.


Our mind is an incredibly powerful tool. You are not starving – you’re feeling hungry out of habit, not necessity. It’s a simple case of mind over matter. You are consuming the equivalent of 4 – 5kgs of raw fruit and vegetables daily which is providing your body with an incredible amount of nourishment…..far more than you would ever consume on a diet of solids only.

If you feel starving you perhaps haven’t fully prepared for your cleanse mentally. Read books and magazine articles which all support juice cleansing or try to cleanse with friends for a mutual support network.

Take your mind off food and chewing by keeping mentally busy and away from all sources of food temptation and keep your social calendar clear so that you’re not having to sit with others who are eating.

Magnesium deficiency can cause achy or restless legs. Have a daily magnesium bath with Epsom Salts using the recommended quantity on the pack and soak for at least 20 minutes each time. This is the most efficient way to absorb magnesium – via the skin.

Did you prepare in advance… or did you jump straight in?

Try taking the juices out of the fridge 30 minutes before drinking. Drinking liquids which are too cold can cause cramps or nausea. Sip them through the straw – don’t gulp them. Take small regular sips.

If you find the juices too strong, try diluting them a little with filtered water.

Cutting caffeine abruptly from the diet can cause vomiting.


The very simple answer is that glass is pure and natural – everything our company strives for. It doesn’t leech any toxic substances into our precious juice as some plastic bottles can. It’s impenetrable – it doesn’t allow anything to permeate. It’s fully re-usable and recyclable. It’s high quality and elegant. There was no question in our minds.

Please see why we use glass.

Yes please! We’d love our rinsed bottles and all packaging back for re-use…


If you receive a cleanse delivery via our own driver, we will collect your bottles and packaging daily, early each morning, when we make a new delivery.

If you receive a juice pack delivery via our own driver, we’d love you to keep hold of everything and leave out for us the night before we make our next delivery to you, for us to collect when we leave your fresh pack.

Please do! Simply email or call us to arrange another collection day and we’ll stop by when we’re next in your area. We’re always delighted to have them back.


If you receive your delivery via courier, we would still love our rinsed bottles and packaging to be returned if you are able to but sadly we’re unable to provide this provision at this time ourselves.  You are so welcome to return everything of your own accord to 7, Grange Mews, Launton, Oxfordshire, OX26 2BX


If you buy our juice from one of our retailers, please check with them that they will accept our returned bottles or check the retailer’s page of our website where this will be confirmed for each retailer.


We encourage clients to order at least a week in advance to enable us to guide them through the preparation process and to provide menu suggestions for both pre and post cleanse.

Also there are peaks in demand and certain dates become fully booked quite quickly.

All of our juices are cold pressed freshly to order in limited quantities and we plan our production a few days in advance. We therefore require a minimum of 72 hours notice of new orders.


The days and times of your delivery will depend on where in the country you live. We have two main delivery services. These are:

Our own delivery zone – for customers within our own delivery zone (covering  parts of London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire) we deliver between 2am and 6am, Monday to Friday. If you’re cleansing with us, you will receive a fresh delivery daily.

Your chilled sheep’s wool insulated box is left on your doorstep or other pre-arranged place at the front of your home ready for you when you wake up. We also deliver to hotels, gyms and offices – in fact any address or building you specify which is accessible through the night.

If your delivery is to be made to an address such as a flat or apartment without 24 hour access, you can send a duplicate key for the exterior door to us, which will be returned with your last delivery or on your last box collection day.

Nationwide Courier Deliver – for customers outside our delivery zone your juices will arrive via our specialist courier pre-10:30 (other delivery options are available; please call to discuss).

A postcard will be popped through your letterbox every morning when we deliver to let you know that we’ve been. This postcard can be popped back into the top of your box to return to us as we love to re-use everything we can.

Please call us as soon as possible so that we can contact the driver.

We love to offer this unique and convenient daily delivery service because…

  1. We believe that providing you with the freshest daily cold pressed juice is the best service we can possibly provide.
  2. Feedback from our customers suggests that they love the fact that they don’t have to store 3 days’ worth of juice in their fridge all at once
  3. We appreciate that it’s not always convenient to wait in for a delivery. You don’t have to with our early morning service
  4. Our cold pressed juice is a living product. We want to ensure that you receive the best tasting juice possible, drinking it within 24 hours of being cold pressed.
  5. Clients who wake early, don’t have to wait for hours before their products arrive to begin their cleanse
  6. Clients receive their delivery early enough to take their box to work


Simply order online via our website, paying using your credit or debit card or you can call us and we will place the order and take payment from you.

When you understand the amount of organic produce and the care and time it takes to make each bottle of our precious juice, it will no longer seem expensive.