Juice cleansing is a short term commitment to abstaining from solid food whilst drinking purely specific combinations of fruit and vegetable juices and nut milks daily, supplemented with herbal teas and water. This process is designed to aid toxin elimination whilst resting the digestive system and providing an abundant supply of live nutrients which the body craves. Energy usually used for digesting is then redirected to other areas of the body which require attention, allowing regenerating and healing processes to take place.

Our juice cleanse packages provide a therapeutic balance of specific juice and nut milk combinations in a definite order throughout the day to aid the body’s natural toxin elimination process whilst supporting the body nutritionally.

Juice cleansing is not eccentric or about being trendy, extreme or unconventional. It’s back to basics and nature and an opportunity for rejuvenation. It is about aiding your body on a deeper level to do something which it does naturally already. Virtually every major religion uses a cleansing ritual and abstaining from solid food has been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual awakening.