The health of our digestive system has a significant impact on the health of our whole body.

Poor digestion means poor nutrient absorption, and juice cleansing helps to get this back on track.

You are not what you eat, but rather what you absorb.

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A toxin is a poisonous substance which is either created internally by our own body or it enters our body from the outside by either being absorbed through the skin, breathing in or ingesting.


Detoxing is the process of eliminating toxins. Our bodies are miraculous self-healing machines and naturally detoxify themselves. However, they are subjected every day to various levels of stress, pollution, diet and lifestyle choices which in turn, govern how quickly or slowly and effectively our bodies can rid themselves of the toxic load. If overburdened with toxins, our bodies can fall out of balance, the toxins can interfere with the normal functioning of our cells and organs and eventually can cause or aid illness or disease. Sometimes our bodies need a helping hand.


Juice cleansing is a short term commitment to refraining from consuming solid food whilst drinking specially created fruit and vegetable juices and nut milks, made from organic ingredients with specific cleansing and restorative properties. These juices are supplemented with herbal teas and filtered water and drank on a daily basis for the duration of the cleanse.

Cold pressed organic juices provide an abundance of live nutrition which aid the detoxification process as each reaction in the body requires a certain group of nutrients. When our bodies are not exhausted by the activity of digestion, energy usually used for digesting is then redirected to other areas of the body which require attention, with the help of the nutrients from the juices and nut milks, allowing regenerating and healing processes to take place. Juice cleansing simply helps the body to do what it should do naturally.

The health of our digestive system has a significant impact on the health of our whole body. Poor digestion means poor nutrient absorption. Juice cleansing helps to get this back on track. We are not what we eat but rather what we absorb.

When unwell, we often lose our appetite. This is our body focusing on saving energy normally used on digestion to fight off whatever our ailment is. We often crave something liquid and highly nutritious at this time which helps to restore and heal. Juice cleansing is simply replicating this natural process. With no noticeable ailment to attend to, a lot of good housekeeping is done instead when the body’s natural detoxing and regenerating capabilities begin to work.


  • To provide essential vitamins to release toxins at a sensible rate
  • To provide enough fluid to flush out the released toxins
  • To support the liver as it works hard to detoxify
  • To support the gut and rebuild the cells of the digestive tract
  • To provide the co factors to reduce inflammation
  • To aid regular elimination
  • To regenerate and repair
  • To hydrate the body’s cells
  • To press the reset button and change our eating habits going forward