Kind Words
September 2016
I could not recommend this company enough

 I have thoroughly enjoyed doing the 3 day juice cleanse.   Day one was the hardest with a cracking headache, but absolutely no hunger pangs as the juices are plentiful and absolutely delicious.   The whole process has actually felt like a treat and I’ve looked forward to seeing what amazing juices arrive on my doorstep, beautifully packaged, each morning.  By the end of day three I felt fantastic and actually had ankle bones that I hadn’t seen for years!   I could not recommend this company enough.   Products, service, packaging all fantastic.  Don’t delay, do it!!

Sarah Adams, Sassy Media

November 2015
Caroline, St. John's Wood

From delivering to a handful of people Rosie I can't believe how you've grown and developed into such a terrific brand. The photos do justice to the delicious juices and if I end up looking half as healthy and gorgeous as your model I'll be thrilled! I always feel great after a cleanse, your advice and personal service have helped me stay healthy over the years. Thank you. 

October 2015
So worth the effort!

Day 1 was my hardest - headache and actually always after the nut milk i felt nauseous.
Actually I am amazed how good i feel now - i have energy - brain feels clear and bright. I feel lighter like tons of heaviness lifted. 
I really want to thank you - I am really impressed with everything.. really a great way to cleanse.

Thank you again....

lots of love


August 2015
Sarah, North Kensington
I've tried quite a few home delivered juice cleanses, but what I like about The Healthy Juice Company is the variety of juices over the period of the cleanse, in particular the nut milks are delicious. I also like the freshness of the juice as its delivered each morning, waiting when I wake up!
August 2015

It’s wonderful to be back in the Rosie world!  I love the style and quality of all you do.  My compliments could go on and on!  I think the bottle and label designs are beautiful! Functional! Lovely. I have never felt so alive as when I did my first cleanse with you. On day 4, I'm feeling great!!!

August 2015

First of all CONGRATULATIONS on this amazing brand! Daily delivery blew me out of the water. Incredible. Also your company is the only one I know of that changes the menu every day - this is really amazing. The card through the post box is a beautiful touch, I love it! I've found all the green juices absolutely delicious!! Also I had the BEST sleep last night!  I am feeling totally fine. I thought I was going to feel faint/ lightheaded/ starving but I'm none of the above! Yes I miss biting into food and I'm really looking forward to my first meal but I'm doing much better than I thought I would - I even taught two yoga lessons today!!

August 2015

I've really enjoyed juicing this week. Loved the new packaging - brilliant product. All best wishes.

August 2015
Wendy Becker

I have worked with Rosie Dickinson for many years and admire her commitment to using only the freshest, organic ingredients. She has worked her magic on juice, just as she does on food. She makes it not only delicious and filling but easy to do with a reliable service and beautiful packaging. I will be a frequent customer.

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