In Britain we are blessed with 4 seasons and our bodies have naturally adapted to the constant ebb and flow in levels of natural light and daily temperatures. Our busy modern lifestyles perhaps cause us to fail to notice these natural patterns. In Winter for example, when daylight hours are short, our vitamin D levels reduce and our bodies slow down ready for hibernation.

Nature dictates our food – what grows well each year depending on the water and sunshine provided. It’s a wonderful thing to connect with the seasons and to understand how the time of year relates to what grows best according to temperature and daylight hours. The seasons are exciting – when it’s time for 1 thing to expire another grows giving us the full range of nutrients we need at the right times of the year and we advocate a healthy diet based around seasonal ingredients whilst they’re at their very best.

Whilst we choose British seasonal produce first and foremost for our cold pressed juices, we enjoy some seasonal ingredients from a few of our close European neighbours too, such as blood oranges from Italy between January and April. A few ingredients which we use such as pineapples and brazil nuts from further afield are far too beneficial to cleansing to ignore but simply won’t grow in this part of the world due to our climate.