Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th May inclusive

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Weight gain, poor sleep, dull skin, low mood, stomach sensitivity when you eat certain foods, brain fog and low energy.

Do you relate to any of these?

You’re not alone. Digestive issues are SO common in the Western world and can cause any of these unwelcome situations and feelings. You might only notice that it’s a digestion problem though when you have physical digestive symptoms such as IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, a sore tummy, acid reflux or wind every time you eat

Then let’s help you sort that out and get you and your digestive health back on track.

Join gut expert Hannah Richards & I as we bring you this very special, exclusive, small group 3 day gut cleanse and rewilding your microbiome programme.

We’ll be combining our expertise to take a small group of you by the hand and walk you through this wonderful, gut nurturing programme with full individual support, teaching you lots along the way and answering your questions too.

Investment £735.00 (all inclusive)

We have a limited number of spaces. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.
To reserve your space, please click the button below.


  • Invivo microbiome testing kit
  • A 1 hour 1:1 private consultation with Hannah about your test results with a 20 minute follow up
  • pre and post cleanse preparation guide
  • 3 day organic cleanse and rewild pack, delivered to your door, brimming with gut friendly ingredients
  • Guides about your microbiome and about the food to eat to ensure a healthy population
  • 30 minute online enrichment group calls each evening to give you such powerful insights about how to improve your digestion
  • A copy of Hannah’s book – The Best Possible You – a unique nutrition guide to healing your body
  • Hannah’s ‘guides to the microbiome and foods to eat to benefit your good bacteria
  • Unlimited personal support


Your organic, gut friendly cleanse & rewild packs will be delivered to your door, in glass bottles and Earth friendly packaging, which will include per day:

*1 x jar turmeric elixir which you’ll make into a tea

*1 x 450ml organic cold pressed green  juice which will contain wheatgrass

*1 x 450ml organic cold pressed nut milk

*1 x 450ml savoury mushroom, plant-based broth as a hot drink at the end of each day

*1 x plant based, gluten free supper in compostable, oven friendly containers.

Your menu will be different each day


Our fun and educational daily Zoom calls around 6pm, are where we’ll share some powerful tools to help you improve your gut health moving forward.

Hannah will be chatting through mindful eating and the most important bacteria species and in which foods they can be found

This will provide you with a powerful toolkit to help yourself and your loved ones look after your gut, stay healthier and feel better

You will have unlimited personal support with us.


💚  the full spectrum of colours each day including lots of polyphenols (red, orange/yellow, white, green, purple)
💚  lots of cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, watercress, Bok choi as examples)
💚 a sprout of some kind (wheatgrass, broccoli, radish, mung beans)
💚 a pulse (lentils, peas, chickpeas, broad beans, Cannellini beans) for protein power
💚 healthy fats
💚 a ‘superfood’ (chlorella, wheatgrass, seaweed)
💚 a fermented food – kraut, kimchi, kefir, pickles
💚 something sour or peppery (radish, rocket, watercress, chicory)
💚 not forgetting seasonal – which comes naturally to me anyway

This really is a beautiful digestive cleanse and reset, rich in content and will be a few days to invest in YOU. A springboard to better health moving forward. If you do nothing else in 2022, isn’t the greatest priority your health?


  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Clearer and glowing skin
  • Improved and deeper sleep meaning you will feel recharged
  • Greater calmness and reduced overwhelm
  • A feeling of being in control
  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • A sense of achievement
  • A springboard to making healthier choices moving forward
  • Reduced cravings
  • You’ll also lose a few lockdown pounds which will really encourage you to start the ball rolling if you feel you want to
  • You will learn some incredible facts and tools to help you and your family become healthier moving forward.

Investment £735.00 (all inclusive)

We have a limited number of spaces. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis. To reserve your space, please click the button below.

Hannah Richards is a Somerset based nutrition and lifestyle coach, specialising in restoring gut health, with a particular interest in IBS symptoms such as acid reflux, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. Hannah is the founder of The Gut Clinic in Mayfair.