At The Healthy Juice Company we strive to provide the best of the best which is why….

  • our ingredients are all organic
  • we use the cold press method
  • we don’t preserve our products in any way
  • we use glass bottles, never plastic

Our cold pressed juices and nut milks have been formulated together with the leading UK naturopaths Philip Weeks and Debbie Lewis and are designed to improve the health of our clients, be that from regularly consuming individual bottles as a nutritional boost or via one of our rejuvenating juice cleanse detoxification programmes.

Our bottles contain the purest and most nutritionally dense cold pressed juices and nut milks. We only use organic ingredients, first washing and checking them by hand before our powerful hydraulic cold pressing machine shreds and presses them to extrude all of the goodness out of the ingredients and into our cold pressed juices and nut milks.

Having removed the insoluble fibre, the resulting, easily digestible juice is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and phytonutrients. Juices are normally assimilated within 20 to 30 minutes of being swallowed and their nutrients are bio available meaning that they can be absorbed and utilised by the body, unlike some supplements. Cold pressed juice provides the ultimate botanical nourishment.

We supply 1, 3 and 5 day juice cleanse detoxification programmes as well as mix and match packs of cold pressed juices and nut milks for delivery direct to our customers.

Our cold pressed juices reflect that we use the best quality organic ingredients available. As we endeavour to include and base our menu around British seasonal ingredients, some of our recipes will change throughout the year. Our juices range from the all-important green ones made with leafy green vegetables through to vibrantly coloured juices with a base of beetroot or carrot. Consuming a rainbow of colours provides a greater range of nutrients.

Even a single small 240ml bottle of our cold pressed juice will contain the equivalent of at least five portions of fruit and vegetables whilst our  juice cleanses provide 4 x 450ml bottles of cold pressed juice (plus our cleanse elixir and a nut milk) daily, supplying your body with an incredible quantity and array of nutrients. 

Why drink cold pressed juice?

Every cell in your body requires a certain quantity and variety – and combination and ratio in some cases – of nutrients on a regular basis to maintain homeostasis (a stable metabolic state).

As a result of our soils being depleted of nutrients by over farming and the increased use of artificial chemicals, the nutrient content of our crops is decreasing rapidly. For example, the mineral content of carrots decreased by 30% between 1930 and 1990.  As a result, it’s now incredibly difficult to achieve your RDA (recommended daily allowance) by eating whole foods alone, even if your diet is incredibly healthy. You simply can’t physically eat the quantity of whole food required and we are becoming an overfed but undernourished and mineral deficient nation.

Your 5 a day, or what we now know should be 12 a day, will contribute a good proportion of essential nutrients but we now have to eat far more fruits and vegetables to achieve the equivalent nutrient consumption of our ancestors 100 years ago.

Studies prove that organic produce contains a higher level of nutrients than conventionally grown. For example it contains up to 20-30% more minerals, making it easier to eat enough fruits and vegetables to come closer to achieving your RDA every day by following an organic diet.

But what is the easiest way to consume maximum nutrients without eating the equivalent of half an allotment? JUICE. Cold pressed organic juice which hasn’t been preserved in any way is the ultimate nourishment.

You’ll be amazed how wonderfully alive you feel when properly hydrated and nourished.produce can contain up to 30% more minerals than conventional produce, making it easier to eat enough produce to come closer to achieving your RDA every day. But what’s the easiest way to consume maximum nutrients without eating the equivalent of half an allotment every day? JUICE. Cold pressed organic juice which hasn’t been preserved in any way is 1 of the most nutritious things you can consume. It’s absolutely LOADED with vitamins & minerals, antioxidants & enzymes & you’ll be amazed how wonderfully alive you feel when properly hydrated & nourished.

What’s in and what’s out?

All of our creations are made from plants and/or plant based ingredients and are raw, vegan, gluten and dairy free.

Our cold pressed juices and nut milks are 100% natural. No nasties are added; no preservatives. No emulsifiers or stabilisers. No colourings or flavourings.

There is no added sugar in our low fructose (the natural sugar found in fruits) juices – they have a high vegetable content to keep blood sugar stable. Our nut milks contain a small quantity of dates for their mineral content rather than their sweetness.

Separation Anxiety

Cold pressed juices naturally separate. It’s their nature. This is a beautiful indication that nothing nasty has been added to keep the juice in suspension and evenly mixed. Don’t settle for a juice which hasn’t naturally settled.

Shelf Life

Our cold pressed juices and nut milks are not preserved in any way. We don’t pasteurise or pressurise (HPP) any of our products which means that they are raw and alive with a life force and a nutritional value which is uncompromised – they are fresh from the press. The result is vibrantly fresh tasting, energy giving plant based nutrient dense liquids which are incredibly beneficial to human health.

A cold pressed juice or nut milk which has a shelf life of longer than 4 days has been preserved in some way. Preservation means compromise.

Juice is usually preserved either by:

  • pasteurisation – partial sterilisation by heating to around 70 degrees centigrade for approximately 15 seconds, killing food spoilage bacteria and some of the nutritional value
  • HPP (high pressure processing or pascalisation) – plastic bottles of liquid are placed into a water chamber and subjected to intense pressure which destroys 99.9% of the microorganisms and provides a shelf life of between 30 and 45 days. Only plastic bottles can withstand this pressure and hence products sold in glass bottles will not have been treated with HPP.

Neither method has to be written on the label.

Preserving allows stores to keep the products for much longer with fewer deliveries and less admin and allows juice manufacturers to have less production days.

Both methods kill the food spoilage bacteria but indiscriminately kill the good bacteria too, which plays a vital role in human health.

Probiotics and fermented food consumption is rising at an incredible rate to increase our good bacteria whilst we consume lots of products which have removed the good bacteria!

We’d like you to be able to make educated choices.