This was never a question for us. Being organic was our plan from day one and continues to be a core element of making the best cold pressed juices and nut milks we possibly can. We are offering a product which is designed to improve our clients’ health and well-being so making sure our ingredients are as pure and nutritious as possible maximises that potential.

The Soil Association is a food logo you can trust, with very high standards using strict policing and extensive record keeping.

Buying our organic cold pressed juices and nut milks means that:

  • They have a higher nutritional value than non-organic cold pressed juices made with conventionally farmed ingredients. In particular organic fruit and vegetables have been shown to have higher levels of anti-oxidants and minerals.
  • Because we only use organic ingredients our cold pressed juices do not contain the synthetic chemicals used throughout the growing and storing processes of conventional produce, such as pesticides or fertilisers. These chemicals become stored in the produce (in the skin of root vegetables for example) and cannot be removed by washing. When juiced, these chemicals become concentrated and contribute to your toxic load. Our juice cleanse programmes are designed to help the body to release and flush out toxins, not to add more.
  • None of our ingredients have been irradiated
  • All of our organic ingredients are produced by methods which avoid the use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).
  • You have supported organic farming, encouraging bio diversity and working together with nature
  • You have been environmentally conscious. Our packaging is Earth friendly and is made from non-toxic materials using renewable resources