Here at The Healthy Juice Company we have a profound respect for nature and the planet on which we live. We strive to provide our customers not only with the best quality juice for their overall well-being but also to be as environmentally friendly as possible whilst doing so.

  • Our vegetable washing water is reused to water surrounding gardens
  • Our juicing pulp is sent to an anaerobic facility where it is used to produce energy – it never goes to landfill
  • Our fruit and vegetable packaging and boxes are reused where possible and recycled when not
  • We use only organic produce which is kind to wildlife and the environment
  • Our packaging was selected for its natural material, recycled content and re-usable and recyclable abilities
  • All of our juices are made to order which ensures we have zero waste
  • We collect our used bottles and packaging from our juice cleanse customers and retailers for re-use

We encourage everyone who buys a bottle of juice or a juice cleanse from The Healthy Juice Company to return their bottles and/or packaging for re-use.

Why do we use glass bottles?

The glass used to make our bottles is sustainable as it’s made using 3 plentiful natural elements sourced close to the manufacturing plant in England: sand, soda ash and limestone. It is the ideal green material and inert packaging, which means that nothing transfers from the glass to the juice or vice versa and so you can trust that glass will never affect your juice or your body.

Glass does not contain toxic chemicals such as bisphenol A or phthalates which are found in some plastic materials and which can potentially leach into the food or drink which they contain and be harmful to our health.

If glass reaches landfill, its inert nature means that it will not give off harmful greenhouse gases like methane – nor will it have any detrimental effects on our water system or marine life if it is discarded on our coasts or at sea.

We hope that for every bottle of our juice sold, it is 1 less plastic bottle littering our landscape, sitting in landfill or bobbing up and down in our seas.

% of recycled materialIs it recyclable?Is it reusable?
Glass bottles27%100%Yes
Delivery box72%100%Yes
Bottle separators inside box100%100%Yes
Wool insulation100%
(The sheep had it first!)
The wool is compostable, sustainable, recyclable and biodegradableYes
Straws made with beeswaxCompostable and recyclableNo
Re-cycled paper
FSC managed sustainable forests
Vegetable inks
100%100%Yes for writing notes on the other side