Our Philosophy

Why wouldn't you if it:

  • Supports the economy
  • Reduces air freight
  • Is fresher, having not been stored for long periods or travelled far and therefore more nutritious

The philosophy behind The Healthy Juice Company is to be as sustainable as possible in the way we run our business. Part of this is reducing the food miles involved in creating our cold pressed juices. By buying from a British juice company like us you will be doing your bit as well.

In addition to being more ethical buying from a British juice company like ours means your juices will have spent less time in transit and storage so will be fresher. The nutrients in cold pressed juices start to deteriorate quickly after so they should be drunk as soon after being pressed as possible. With juices like our, which don’t use artificial preservatives, having the juices quickly is even more important. This is why we cold press and delivery our juices daily, to ensure that they are always fresh and packed with as many nutrients as possible.   

Buy British
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