What is the best type of New Year Detox?
Written 20th December 2016 at 11:12
What is the best type of New Year Detox?

January is the most popular time for people to go on a detox. There are lots of different types of detox out there and it can be difficult to know which one to pick. Our quick guide to New Year detoxes looks at some of the options you should consider.


What do you want to achieve?

Before you pick a New Year detox plan you should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve. Not only will this help you to pick a more suitable option but it will also mean you are more likely to see your detox through. Virtually all types of detox have one thing in common; they require will power. If you are not clear on why you are doing a detox it is less likely you will complete it.

 Some types of detox are also designed to focus on particular parts of the body. Liver cleanses are a popular option in January after people have indulged too much over the festive period. Other detox plans may involve a spiritual or lifestyle element such as giving up social media or going on a retreat.

One thing we make clear is that detoxes are not a one time fix for any unhealthy eating or drinking you have ever done. A detox, in particular a New Year one, is more a chance to hit the reset button. It gives you a clear break from unhealthy eating and drinking and gets your body started on the new healthy lifestyle you are going to have in the future.


How long should you detox for?

Most types of detox will involve replacing your normal diet with raw vegetables, specialist drinks or cold pressed juices for a specific period of time. For most people this will be a pretty big change for their body. While many popular cleanses are designed to last for 7 days or longer we think this is too long if it is your first time doing a cleanse. Instead we normally recommend people start with a 1 day cleanse and then build up to 3 and 5 day cleanses. Not only is this likely to be less of a shock for your body but you are also more likely to complete your detox, meaning you will have more of a sense of achievement and you will be more likely to complete your next detox.


What type of detox?

There are hundreds of different types of detoxes. Many of them are really the same cleanse, or very similar ones, going under different names. Some of the most common types are:


Master Cleanse Detox

Made famous by Beyonce it involves drinking only a combination of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper for up to 10 days at a time. As you might imagine this can encourage weight loss as you will basically be starving your body of nutrients. This is a very extreme type of detox and one which many people report severe side effects from.


Fasting Detox

Some people recommend simply fasting as a method for detoxing. Usually this means only drinking water for a day or more. Again, this is a pretty extreme way of doing things. It is also not actually likely to help you detox. The body actually needs some nutrients coming in to be able to get rid of toxins. So, by fasting you actually make it harder for yourself to detox.


Raw Food Detox

As the name suggests this type of detox involves only eating raw and unprocessed fruit and vegetables. Most raw food detox plans will rule out bread, pasta, meat and dairy. While eating more raw vegetables is definitely good for us, eating only raw food in January in Britain either means a very boring diet or spending a lot on food flown in from half way around the world. As well as not being very environmentally friendly food imported from other continents will often have been sitting around for weeks before it gets to you. This is maybe one to save for the summer.


Juicing Detox

Our preferred detox method is to use organic cold pressed juices. This involves you drinking a selection of cold pressed juices and nut milks each day. These are prepared in combinations which are designed to give your body a good mix of healthy nutrients and healthy bacteria. This gives your body the nutrients it needs to get rid of your toxins efficiently and stops you from feeling hungry or having crashing blood sugar. We also recommend that juice detoxes are done for short periods but that they should form part of a healthy diet.


Preparation is key

As we said earlier going on a dramatic detox can be a big shock to your body. That is why we recommend that anyone planning a juice cleanse or other type of New Year detox eases into it. Typically this will mean spending at least a couple of days before your main detox abstaining from sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy. You can read more about this in our guide to planning a New Year Detox.


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