The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice Delivery
Written 12th December 2016 at 13:12
The Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice Delivery

At The Healthy Juice Company we hand deliver our fresh cold pressed juices and juice cleanse packages to our customers in London, Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas. We make our deliveries before 6 a.m. every morning so that our customers have fresh juice waiting for them when they wake up. Very few other cold pressed juice companies do this but it is an essential part of what we do as a company and we think it is vitally important.


Freshness Matters

It’s nice to have cold pressed juice that is fresh but it is also vital to making sure your juice has the highest nutritional value. As soon as cold pressed juices are made the nutritional value within them starts to break down. This process accelerates the longer the juices are left and most cold pressed juices will start to spoil within 3 or 4 days.

Some other cold pressed juice companies make their juices last longer by adding artificial preservatives, pasteurising their juices by heating them or subjecting them to High Pressure Processing (HPP). Each of these methods for making cold pressed juices last longer destroys some of their nutritional value. Pasteurisation and HPP, in particular, are designed to kill off any microbes in the juice, including the healthy ones that our bodies need.

At The Healthy Juice Company we cold press organic fresh fruit and vegetables every day to make our juices and then deliver them within 24 hours. We do not add any preservatives to our juices, nor do we use HPP. While doing either of these things would make our juices last longer it would damage their purity and nutritional content.

We recognise that our customers have busy lives and probably don’t have time to go out and fetch fresh juices from a specialist shop every day. By delivering our juices we can ensure that they are as fresh as possible, and that our customers get cold pressed juices with the highest possible nutritional value.  


Tailored Cleanse Menus

As well as delivering packs of cold pressed juices for our customers to add to their daily diet we deliver 1, 3 and 5 day juice cleanse packages. We always try to use fresh seasonal ingredients for our cold pressed juices so the exact juice we make can vary on a week to week basis. When it comes to providing a multi-day juice cleanse package we want to ensure that our customers are getting the right mix of nut milks and cold pressed juices. This includes mixing the correct number of  leafy green based cold pressed juices with fruit based ones, and root based ones, for each of our individual customer’s needs.

By delivering our juice cleanse packages ourselves we can ensure that they contain the right mix of fresh cold pressed juices each day. This makes it easier for our customers to undertake a cleanse and makes sure that they get the maximum benefit from it.  



We deliver all of our cold pressed juices and juice cleanse packages ourselves. They are delivered in glass bottles packed into our own delivery boxes which are lined with wool for insulation. We use glass bottles for two major reasons. The first is sustainability.

As we are doing our rounds delivering cold pressed juices we also collect the empty bottles from our customers. These are then returned to our base, washed, sterilised and re-used. This vastly reduces the amount of waste that our company produces. The second reason we use glass it to avoid any chemicals, such as BPA, leaching into our cold pressed juices which is a concern with plastic bottles.

Delivering our cold pressed juices ourselves allows us to deliver in glass bottles without the worry of breakages that would be attached to using a courier delivery service. This also means that we are able to ensure that the juices are kept at the correct temperature and left in appropriate places so that they don’t get spoiled.


So by getting a juice cleanse or juice pack delivery from The Healthy Juice Company you are getting fresher juices with a higher nutritional content. They will be delivered in sustainable packaging, and if you are doing one of our juice cleanses you will get exactly the juices you need, saving you time and hassle.

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