Sustainable and Safe Cold Pressed Juices
Written 24th January 2017 at 13:01
Sustainable and Safe Cold Pressed Juices

The Healthy Juice Company was set up with the aim of producing the best cold pressed juices and juice cleanses available in the UK. As part of this commitment we go to great lengths in making our cold pressed juices. We use organic, seasonal, ingredients to get the maximum nutritional benefit into our juices. We also cold press and deliver our juices daily so that we don’t need to use artificial preservation methods.

Our commitment to having the best cold pressed juices in the UK goes beyond the process of making the juices and also covers how we package and deliver them. One of the decisions we made early on was to use glass bottles for our cold pressed juices. This decision differentiates The Healthy Juice Company from the majority of other UK cold pressed juice companies who have chosen to use plastic bottles. There are two primary reasons why we went for glass bottles. These are sustainability and safety.


Glass Bottles – Sustainability

The glass bottles we use are made in the UK from locally sourced materials whereas plastic bottles are made from a range of chemicals, a lot of which are based on oil, and are shipped in from all over the world. As well as requiring less harmful chemicals to manufacture glass is almost endlessly recyclable so there is very little waste. When we deliver our cold pressed juices and juice cleanses we also collect the empty glass bottles from our customers. We take these back to our kitchen, wash and sterilise them, and put them back to use. This reduces the amount of materials and energy consumed by our packaging, making it more sustainable.


Glass Bottles – Safety

We go to great lengths to use organic ingredients and to keep our cold pressed juices free of any artificial preservatives or additives.  One of the enduring worries that many consumers have about plastic bottles is the possibility of chemicals leaching from the plastic into juices. There has been particular concern in recent years over bisphenol A (BPA) leaking from plastic bottles into food and drink which has lead to bans and restriction in some countries. By using glass bottles we can avoid any potential chemical leakage into our cold pressed juices and ensure that they arrive with our customers in the pure state they were made.


Making the choice to package our cold pressed juices in glass bottles does add some cost to our cold pressed juices and cleanses but it also means that our customers are getting a better, more sustainable, product. At The Healthy Juice Company we believe it is worth taking these extra steps so that we can produce the best cold pressed juices available in the UK.

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