Keeping Our Cold Pressed Juices Fresh and Natural
Written 16th January 2017 at 16:01
Keeping Our Cold Pressed Juices Fresh and Natural

There are now a range of cold pressed juices available in the UK, from small niche manufacturers to industrially produced ones. The Healthy Juice Company was set up with the aim of making the very best cold pressed juices and we tend to do things a little differently from the companies who mass produce.

As well as our cold pressed juices being certified as organic, being delivered fresh to your door and coming in sustainable packaging, our juices are also some of the freshest around. We cold press our juices every day and we don’t use any artificial preservation methods.

Part of the point of cold pressing ingredients to make juices is that other methods of preparing fruit and vegetables can destroy, or waste, a lot of their nutrients. By cold pressing ingredients the vast majority of nutrients are preserved and concentrated into the bottles. The organic ingredients that we use also have higher levels of many anti-oxidants than industrially farmed vegetables so our customers get an even more nutritional benefit.

Unfortunately, once the ingredients in any juice have been cold pressed the nutritional value will start to decrease. At first the loss of nutrients is fairly slow but it speeds up dramatically after 2 to 3 days and the nutritional value in the juice will become severely depleted and the juice will start to spoil. To get around this problem we cold press our juices every day and deliver them direct to our customers every day, so that they can be drunk before there is any significant nutritional loss. 


Artificial Preservatives

Adding artificial preservatives to our juices so that they can sit around for a couple of weeks without going off, is not something we're about to do. Our cold pressed juices are designed to be as pure and clean as possible. We go to great lengths to use organic ingredients and to have our juices packed in glass bottles to avoid any chemicals. We therefore don’t use any artificial preservatives in our cold pressed juices.



This process involves heating the juices to the point where any bacteria is destroyed. There are two basic problems with this method.  First, the whole point of cold pressing juices is to avoid heating them as the heat destroys a lot of the nutrients in the juices. The second problem is that the heat is indiscriminate. It kills the healthy and helpful natural bacteria in the juice that are good for our digestive systems.


High Pressure Processing (HPP)

High Pressure Processing is marketed as an alternative to traditional pasteurisation. Instead of heating the cold pressed juice it is put into a special machine and subjected to massive amounts of pressure. Commercial HPP machines boast about being able to subject your juices to pressures exceeding those found at the bottom of the deepest parts of the oceans. While this method does not destroy nutrients through heating it does still destroy the healthy bacteria in the juice, so crucial to our health.


 At The Healthy Juice Company we have chosen not to use any of these methods. Instead we keep our cold pressed juices as natural as possible so that our customers get the maximum possible nutritional benefit from their juices.

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