Improving Health and Diet are the Most Popular New Year's Resolutions
Written 9th January 2017 at 16:01
Improving Health and Diet are the Most Popular New Year's Resolutions

Research conducted by COMRES has found that the most popular New Year’s resolutions for people in the UK are health related. While a few people wanted to learn new skills, or spend more time with people they care about, the vast majority of people surveyed said that they wanted to improve their health. For most this wasn’t about just giving something up, but instead being more proactive in making improvements. Unfortunately the same research found that most people who made New Year’s resolutions had failed to stick to them.

Losing weight


Exercising more


Eating more healthily


Taking a more active approach to my health


Learning a new hobby or skill


Spending more time on my personal wellbeing


Spending more time with my family and friends


Drinking less alcohol


Stopping smoking




Good and Bad Resolutions

Most experts see New Year’s resolutions such as ‘exercise more’ or ‘eating more healthily’ as being bad resolutions to make. This isn’t because they are bad objectives, it is that they will be hard to keep. Advice on keeping your New Year resolutions from the likes of the NHS and the American Psychological Association tends to focus on the same key areas.

Have a specific outcome – Rather than just saying you want to lose weight it is much better to have an amount you want to lose and a timeframe for doing it. Similarly if you want to eat more healthily you could set goals for the number of pieces of fruit and veg you are going to eat per week, or the number of pieces of cake you are going to miss.

Start small – If your goal is to lose a stone in weight then it is best to start by setting an objective for when you will lose your first pound. If you want to start exercising more then start by setting an initial goal of one extra exercise session a week. These goals should be relatively easy to achieve but will then give you the confidence and motivation to achieve even more.

Do one thing at a time – many people make 2 or 3 resolutions, to get fit, eat more healthily and drink less alcohol all at the same time. You are much more likely to be successful if you tackle your resolutions one at a time. This does not mean you have to give up on the other objectives, just that you should focus on one as your main goal. Many people find that by cutting back on alcohol, or eating more healthily, they feel more inclined to exercise anyway so it can be a virtuous circle.



Simple Steps to Achieve Your Goals

At The Healthy Juice Company we can provide you with some easy ways to achieve your New Year’s resolutions. Our cold pressed juices are made from organic ingredients and each one of our bottles contains at least the equivalent of 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. So adding one bottle of our juice to your diet would mean you are always getting the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables.

If you want to improve your health more generally, or focus more on mental wellbeing, then a juice cleanse can be a good option. Juice cleanses are a great way to pause your eating habits for a few days, clear your mind and then start down a new road of healthier eating. For many people just doing a short cleanse can be a big achievement and a strong symbolic break from their normal lifestyle, making it easier to make more changes in the future. With cleanse packages from 1 to 5 days available they are an achievable way to start your healthier New Year.

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