How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?
Written 7th February 2017 at 13:02
How Long Does Cold Pressed Juice Last?

Fresh cold pressed juice will normally last about 3 days if kept refrigerated. Some companies try to extend the life of cold pressed juices by adding artificial preservatives or by using pasteurisation methods such as High Pressure Processing (HPP). However, artificially making cold pressed juices last longer can damage their nutritional value. At The Healthy Juice Company we do not use any artificial preservation methods on our cold pressed juices.


Why we don’t use preservatives

Our cold pressed juices are certified as organic and only contain the juice of fresh organic ingredients. For us cold pressed juicing is about giving your body a break from processed food and giving your system only pure natural ingredients. This helps your body get the nutrients it needs more efficiently and helps your body with its natural detox process. Adding any kind of artificial preservatives would go against our core ethos.

We have also chosen not to pasteurise our juices or to use HPP, which is sometimes referred to as cold pasteurisation. Both processes can destroy some of the nutritional value contained in cold pressed juices and also kill some of the healthy bacteria that the juices will naturally contain.

Choosing not to use artificial preservation methods does mean that our juices have a shorter, natural, shelf life but it allows us to produce the best cold pressed juices on the market. The aim of The Healthy Juice Company is to produce the best cold pressed juices available in the UK and when it comes to cold pressed juices fresher is better. 


How we ensure freshness

We have chosen to create a product with a short shelf life because it gives our customers a purer juice with a higher nutritional value. To ensure that we can get our cold pressed juices to our customers in top condition we take two main steps:


Daily cold pressing – We cold press our juices daily so that we always have fresh juices on offer. Cold pressing ingredients is one of the best ways to maintain the nutritional value of the ingredients. However, nutritional value will start to decrease once the juices are made so it important they are consumed quickly.


Daily juice delivery –to ensure our cold pressed juices reach our customers in perfect condition we hand deliver them. Our drivers are out every morning delivering cold pressed juices to our customers’ doorsteps in London, Oxfordshire and Surrey by 6 a.m.


You can order a selection of our cold pressed juices for delivery on our website or by giving us a call on 01869 324328.

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