Using Healthy Juices to Power Past your 5 a Day
Written 24th October 2016 at 16:10
Using Healthy Juices to Power Past your 5 a Day

The current UK government guidance is that we should all eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day, but by global standards this is fairly low. The French government recommends 10 portions and the Canadians recommend between 5 and 10 portions of fruit and vegetables each day. A 12 year study on eating habits and health published by University College London in 2014 found that eating 7 portions of fresh fruit and veg per day significantly reduces your chances of dying from any kind of disease. The UCL study recommended that 10 portions of fresh fruit and veg a day ought to be the aim. The study’s authors concluded that

“The more fruit and vegetables you eat, the less likely you are to die at any age. My advice would be however much you are eating now, eat more.”

Some countries are going even further in their recommendations. The World Health Organisation rank Japan as having the highest life expectancy in the world. Their government recommends that people should be eating13 portions of vegetables and four portions of fruit every day, more than triple the UK recommendations.


How Healthy Juices Help

Whether you are going to aim for the UK’s recommended 5 a day, or Japan’s more ambitious 17, cold pressed juices are a great way to boost your numbers. Cooking fruit and vegetables inevitably destroys some of the nutrients they hold. Cold pressing maximises the nutrients that can be extracted from our ingredients so that we can pack our healthy juices full of goodness.

An example of the range of fruit, vegetables and herbs that go into our healthy juices

Our healthy juices squeeze in the nutrients so intensely that most of our bottles contain at least the equivalent of 5 separate pieces of fruit and veg. If you are one of the 64% of people in the UK who regularly don’t meet the 5 a day level then having one of our drinks every day will easily boost you over the top. If you want to be more ambitious and push towards the levels expected in Japan then adding one of our juice drinks to your diet will give you a solid, and easy, start each day.


Fresh and Convenient

One of the reasons many of us don’t manage to eat enough veg is simply the time taken to prepare it. Grabbing breakfast on the go, or a ready made sandwich at lunchtime are all too easy and all too likely to contain very few of the nutrients your body needs. Our healthy cold pressed juices are a fresh and convenient alternative.

With a great selection of flavours, and regular home delivery, it is easy to have a selection of our healthy juices in your fridge which can be used as a tasty top up to your daily fruit and veg total.


Pick your own healthy cold pressed juices.

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