Guest Blog by Jenny Phillips from Inspired Nutrition "5 Day Fast - The Beginning Not The End"
Written 1st June 2016 at 10:06
Guest Blog by Jenny Phillips from Inspired Nutrition "5 Day Fast - The Beginning Not The End"

Mission accomplished! After 5 days of a juice fast I’m lighter and, so far, feel that my appetite is more balanced.

As you would probably expect from a nutritionist, my diet is really very good – I just love healthy food! But I also eat out quite a lot and portion sizes can some times be a little on the over generous side. I’d also started to get a bit of a chocolate habit. Half hearted attempts to rein in just weren’t working, so it was time for a reset.

Enter the Healthy Juice Company. For five days I signed up to a juice fast, with 4 juices and a nut milk freshly delivered each day.

The day started with a warm lemon and turmeric drink, followed by the first juice which was green and quite strong. Mid morning was a lighter flavour – pineapple, cucumber & mint was a favourite, and another with red pepper was delicious too. Lunchtime was a nut milk, which was really, really nice. On to the afternoon and more earthy flavours such as carrot and beetroot. The final juice of the day was a light green flavour with aloe Vera. The juices changed each day which made it all slightly more interesting.

 The fast was no hardship as I truly was not at all hungry through the 5 days. Calorie intake was around 1,000 a day, 4 juices contributing around 400 cals and the nut milk a whopping 600 cals.

So how much did I lose? Overall 5 lbs, but interestingly the first two days saw a dramatic decrease in muscle mass and it took until day 3 until I started to burn fat. This is consistent with what I see in clients but I was under the illusion that I would be able to fat burn quicker than this. Clearly that was not the case…

Without the fat/ muscle information there might be a temptation to relax on day 6 and go back to normal eating. That could be a disaster as it would be really easy to rebound the weight, something that is very typical in dieting circles.

Instead I see the fast as the beginning, not the end. I’ve now reset my appetite and the difficult to achieve fat burning has begun. Psychologically it will be much easier to stick to moderate portions, and I have no desire for chocolate.

With a cycling trip planned in just 2 weeks, it would be an immense benefit to maintain this weight loss and maybe go a bit further too. I really enjoyed the juicing and although I now have no plans to fast, I’ll look to include them several times a week. In addition to the weight loss, juicing had other benefits too. My energy levels were great, my skin glowed and I felt really good in myself.

So juicing gets a big thumbs up from me. Using The Healthy Juice Company was an investment, but it made it extremely easy and enjoyable and I wholly recommend them.


Jenny Phillips is a clinical nutritionist and the founder of Inspired Nutrition, offering clients clinical testing and personalised advise on diverse health issues as well as offering wellness retreats, yoga classes, cookery masterclasses. Jenny is also the author of 'Eat To Outsmart Cancer' and an outstanding public speaker.

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