Getting Ready for the Festive Party Season
Written 1st December 2016 at 14:12
Getting Ready for the Festive Party Season

Have you been to your first Christmas party yet? If not we are sure it won’t be long. Calendars rapidly fill up at this time of year with Christmas parties for work, friends and kids not to mention Christmas functions for clubs and causes you support, or New Year.

For many of us there is the pressure not just to get into the festive spirit but also to make sure we look our best at various festive functions. The fashion magazines and blogs are full of tips for picking the perfect party dress and makeup but it is our belief that you often look your best when you feel at your best. One way to make sure you feel in tip-top shape for your Christmas parties is to do a short juice cleanse.


Benefits of a pre-Christmas Juice Cleanse

A pre-Christmas juice cleanse will help make sure you feel at your best. People who do juice cleanses report benefits including:

  • A feeling of increased and lasting energy
  • Deeper and more consistent sleep
  • Clear sparkling eyes
  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Reduction of shadows and bags under the eyes
  • A vitamin boost for the immune system
  • Alleviation of bloating and improved digestion
  • A more positive outlook and increased motivation and confidence

All of which sounds pretty perfect when you are trying to get ready for the Christmas party season, in fact most of us would be pretty happy with just one or two of these improvements.

While better skin and less bloating are always going to be welcome when getting ready for a party it is probably the last of these benefits, the increase in confidence, that makes the biggest difference. Having more energy, more sleep and less chance of a cold will all contribute to a general sense of feeling healthier. The knowledge that you are also having a few days of putting nothing but healthy nutrients into your body will also make you feel better.


Why Juice Cleanses?

One of the best things about juice cleanses is that the results are almost instant. Beginners can do a 1 day cleanse, while more experienced cleansers can do a 3 day juice cleanse. So the time commitment is quite light. The Healthy Juice Company makes it even easier by delivering the juices fresh to your door so you don’t even need to go to the shops.

For the days when you are juice cleansing all you need to do is abstain from solid food and instead drink the selection of fresh cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices and nut milks daily that we supply to you. We cold press all of our juices and nut milks daily using organic ingredients and pack them into our recyclable glass bottles. We don’t add preservatives of any kind so you can be sure that all you are getting is natural, organic nutrients.

The cleansing process is designed to aid toxin elimination whilst resting the digestive system and providing an abundant supply of nutrients. We find that even a short 1 day cleanse is enough for a good energy boost and to see improvements in skin, sleep and mood. So, if you want to feel better and look better this Christmas party season one of our juice cleanses is the perfect preparation.

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