Creating Balanced Cold Pressed Juice Recipes
Written 12th February 2017 at 20:02
Creating Balanced Cold Pressed Juice Recipes

When we started The Healthy Juice Company our aim was to create the best cold pressed juices available in the UK. Part of that commitment is making our juices as tasty and healthy as possible.

Although we have a few cold pressed juice recipes which are available all of the time we are constantly developing new recipes so that our customers get the healthiest and tastiest juices possible. The quality and variety of our juice recipes are one of the hallmarks of our company and one of the things we get the best feedback on. People who try our cold pressed juices for the first time are often surprised by how delicious they are.

There are three main reasons why our cold pressed juice recipes are amongst the best in the country.


1)      Seasonality

We only use organic ingredients in our cold pressed juices and wherever possible we use seasonal ingredients. This makes our cold pressed juices more sustainable and it also means that the ingredients we use have not been sitting around in transport or storage for weeks.

Our commitment to the use of seasonal ingredients means that we have to change our recipes on a weekly basis according to what is good and fresh at any given time. Our founder Rosie has a background in the catering industry, having worked for the Roux Brothers and Sally Clarke, before setting up her own successful catering business. Rosie’s experience with ingredients and flavours enables us to constantly come up with new and tasty recipes so that we can make the most of fresh seasonal ingredients.


2)      Balance

One of the problems with some of the mass produced cold pressed juices found in supermarkets is that they use too much fruit and not enough vegetables. Many juicing experts recommend not having more than 65% fruit content in juices to keep the sugar content to a sensible level. Similarly, when using citrus fruits it is also important to keep their levels down to stop the juices becoming overly acidic. Our juices start with a vegetable base and then use fruit when it is needed. We don’t exclude fruits entirely from our juices as they are an excellent source of anti-oxidants and other nutrients. What we do want to do is ensure that our cold pressed juice recipes contain a balance of ingredients of which fruit makes up a part.


3)      Nutrition

Each bottle of our cold pressed juices contains the equivalent of at least 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables. Because we only use organic ingredients the juices will have higher levels of anti-oxidants than ones made with industrially farmed fruit and vegetables.

Our juices come in a range of colours, based on their ingredients. These different combinations of ingredients give a different range of benefits. We often refer to this as eating the rainbow. For example a one day juice cleanse designed for a beginner would include a couple of green leafy juices (rich in Vitamin B), a juice with fruit additions (rich in anti-oxidants) and light beetroot based juice (high in iron and folate). For someone who is more used to doing juice cleanses we would remove some of the lighter fruit based drinks and replace them with more of the leafy green ones to give maximum support to the body’s own detox mechanisms.


The thought, and time, that goes into our cold pressed juice recipes means that we can make sure they are seasonal, have the right nutritional focus and are balanced. We believe that this makes our cold pressed juice recipes the best in the UK.

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