TUESDAY 23rd – SATURDAY 27th MARCH 2021 inclusive

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Join gut expert Hannah Richards & I as we bring you this special 5 day Springtime juice and broth cleanse, running from Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th March inclusive.

We’ll be combining our expertise to take a small group of you by the hand and walk you through this wonderful cleanse with full individual support, teaching you lots along the way and answering your questions too.


  • A pre and post cleanse preparation guide
  • 5 day organic juice and broth cleanse, delivered to your door, in glass bottles and Earth friendly packaging
  • A copy of Hannah’s book – The Best Possible You – a unique nutrition guide to healing your body
  • A candida self-test and questionnaire
  • Parasite questionnaire
  • Charcoal capsules and transit time document
  • Litmus paper to test your PH
  • Hannah’s ’30 Days to a Gorgeous Gut’ calendar
  • Entry to our exclusive closed Facebook Group
  • Daily enrichment talks on Zoom at 5pm
  • Daily Q&A on Zoom straight after the talks
  • Unlimited personal support


Your organic, cold pressed cleanse packs will be delivered to your door, in glass bottles and Earth friendly packaging, which will include per day:

*1 x jar turmeric elixir which you’ll make into a tea

*3 x 450ml organic cold pressed juices

*1 x 450ml organic cold pressed nut milk

*1 x 450ml savoury mushroom, plant-based broth as a hot drink at the end of each day

No you won’t receive exactly the same menu for 5 days running.


You’ll have access to our exclusive Facebook group to swap notes and make friends with like-minded people in this intimate cleanse community.


Our fun and educational daily Zoom calls at 5pm, every day of your cleanse is where we’ll share some powerful tools to help you lead a healthier, calmer, happier life moving forward, including tips on your daily routine and emotional wellbeing.

 We’ll cover:

  • Digestion 101
  • Emotions and The Gut
  • Organic / seasonal
  • Tongue and nail analysis
  • Lowering the toxic load

We’ll be on hand to support you all the way.

Hannah will teach you how to check your gut health and talk you through the results of your questionnaires.

You will have unlimited personal support with us.

This really is a beautiful Springtime cleanse, rich in content and will be a week to invest in YOU. A springboard to better health moving forward. If you do nothing else in 2021, isn’t the greatest priority your health?


  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Improved digestion
  • Clearer and glowing skin
  • Improved and deeper sleep meaning you will feel recharged
  • Greater calmness and reduced overwhelm
  • A feeling of being in control
  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • A sense of achievement
  • A springboard to making healthier choices moving forward
  • Reduced cravings
  • You’ll also lose a few lockdown pounds which will really encourage you to start the ball rolling if you feel you want to
  • You will learn some incredible facts and tools to help you and your family become healthier moving forward.

Investment £450.00 (all inclusive)

We have a limited number of spaces. Bookings will be taken on a first come, first serve basis.
To reserve your space, please click the button below.

Hannah Richards is a Somerset based nutrition and lifestyle coach, specialising in restoring gut health, with a particular interest in IBS symptoms such as acid reflux, ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. Hannah is the founder of The Gut Clinic in Mayfair.